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 School Introducation

1. Upgraded from Haishan Junior High School to Haishan Senior High School

Haishan Senior High School, which was founded on December 3rd, 1968, was formerly Haishan Junior High School, with Mr. Chang, Yi-Ming responsible for the planning. Because the school is located in Haishan West District, it was named “Haishan”. Mr. Tang, Hsi-Yen was assigned the position of Principal on August 1st, 1969. The school opened together with all other junior high schools in Taiwan on September 9th of that same year. However, the school had to borrow space from Chungshan Experimental Elementary School in Banqiao City in order to hold classes since the school buildings were still under construction. The school immediately settled in the current location once the school buildings were completed in January 1970. Recruitment was only 600 new students distributed in 12 classes at the school’s start. As time went by and the Principals made great efforts throughout their terms in office, the school gradually earned its good reputation and society’s favorable reception. It had expanded to 184 classes with almost ten thousand students by 1989, which created a new record for student numbers at the level of junior high school in the world, thus becoming the world’s largest junior high school. The school was reorganized as a six-year high school in 1997 and converted into “Haishan High School” in 2000 through a three-year operation. Currently, the school has become a community school for all the talents, modernity, knowledge and technology and includes the junior and senior high school, an excellent faculty and thousands of students. Because Taipei County also transformed to become New Taipei City in 2010, the school was also renamed “New Taipei Municipal Haishan High School”.

2. A new century with a super and outstanding community high school

   Haishan High School has initiated the philosophy of learning for life to provide even those no longer in school with further studies, making up the insufficiencies of compulsory education and promoting the spirit of “taking care of one's own children first and extending the same care to others' children”. In order to provide early childhood services for double-income families, the school established the Night-time Supplementary Junior High School and kindergarten in 1984 and 1999, respectively, as well as the additional Continuation Senior High School in 2000. Now, Haishan High School has 27 senior high school classes, 112 junior high school classes, 12 continuing education classes and 5 kindergarten classes, for a total of 156 classes; this is a new century with a super and outstanding high school.


3. Vigorous efforts made by Principals throughout their terms in office

   Haishan High School has experienced more than 40 years of principals, starting with Mr. Tang, Hsi-Yen, the first Principal to assume the post, who worked hard for 12 years with self-excitation to make the school his home and establish a magnificent basis and develop good traditions based on the school motto of “Justice, Sincerity, Industriousness and Perseverance”; Mr. Sang, Wun-Pin, the 2nd Principal, Mr. Kuan, Tien-Fu, the 3rd Principal and Mr. Sun, Yi-Chou, the 4th Principal were all gentlemen and ebullient educators. They played a large role in the aggressive promotion of human technology education when at their posts. Mr. Hsu, Mao-Hsiung, the 5th Principal, actively promoted campus democratization, administration efficiency and teaching vitalization during his three and a half years in office; Mr. Hou, Shih-Chang, acting Principal for half a year left his mark by enforcing and implementing its reorganization as a six-year high school. Mr. Chang, Tsai-Hsing, the 6th Principal, was the first Principal after the school was reorganized. He integrated the idea of modern technology into business operations, developing a wider view and a prospective vision. Mr. Wu, Sung-His, the 7th Principal, adhered to his own style of kindness and gentleness, managing the school by walking around, using administration efficiency to communicate with teachers, advocating a humanitarian spirit to actively involve students, and respecting teacher’s specialties to highly praise campus democracy; he led Haishan High School to continue improving and growing with his brand of leadership that was so full of energy and expected all students to become world citizens from community members. Mrs. Lin, Huei-Chih, the 8th Principal, the school’s first female principal, took up the official post for two and a half years starting in August 2009. Showing vigor on campus and a straightforward study style, she led Haishan High School with her rich administrative experiences and comprehensive educational philosophy, causing school affairs to flourish, and displaying a distinguished school running performance and excellent school reputation in order to establish the new milestone of “Pursuit of Excellence, Over the Top”. Mrs. Hsiu, Mei-Ling, the current Principal, assumed the post in August 2012.

4. Succeeding predecessors’ ambitions to carry forward

   Haishan High School is so lucky that many predecessors have dedicated themselves one after another in the process of establishing, growing and reorganizing the school. In studying the past to fully understand the present, the school has had some truly outstanding achievements. When we understand how very difficult it was for our former teachers to start an undertaking, we should encourage newcomers even more to surpass their predecessors’ ambitions to carry forward. Let’s encourage each other in our endeavors.Look forward to the future by learning from the past.